Progression is hard man. It’s hard to trust yourself on new features, new trails, new trick, new hobbies. In order to learn, you have to be confident in your skills. But damn, being confident is hard too.

Sometimes, it’s ok to suck at something. It is also ok to be stuck in a non-progress zone. Because even if you feel that you are not progressing, you are. You are learning to be more comfortable in your current skills. You are learning that maybe, your current level is ok. And you are learning to enjoy the progress that you have already made. Because no, you might not be exactly where you wish you would right now, but you still came a long way from the start, so be grateful for that. Be grateful to you.

As Mark Manson said, wanting a good experience is a bad experience, and accepting having a bad experience is a good experience. Everything, good or bad, helps you with your progression. Falling is good, going again is great, accepting where you are now is amazing.

You are the only one responsible for your progression. I like to see it as a ladder; you can try to skip a step, but the risk is way higher than the reward. So take it step by step and enjoy every one of them until you are at the top.