Guide: favorite mountain biking gear

The mountaing biking season is getting closer and closer to its end. Season ending or not, mountain biking is hard enough, no one needs cheap gear that breaks. I love good gear and I am very hard to please, so here is my top 5 gear articles that make my rides easy and let me concentrate on those freaking rock gardens.

  1. Troy Lee Designs A3 Helmet Mips

Weight, look, comfort, protection. There is nothing wrong with this helmet. You’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

2. Oakley Sutro with the Prizm Low light lense

These are (from my very humble opinion) the very best mountain biking glasses ever made. The Prizm lowlight lense offers the Prizm technology (if you are not familiar with it: prizm) but also lets you have all the light you can get in the dark woods, best of both worlds. (The ones pictured have a clear lense, but you can get the low light lense as a second one).

3. Troy Lee Designs Lilium Shorts

By far the most comfiest shorts I have owned. They were designed by a woman for women. The waist band is a little higher than most other shorts I have worn and the lenght is just above the knee. They are tapered so you can actually look feminine in 9inches shorts. I am not a liner fan, but you can get them with or without a liner.

4. Smartwool Cycle Ultra Light crew socks

Comfortable, performant, fast drying, not smelly. What else do you look for in a sock ? They’re made of 46% merino wool, so you can ride with them, and rock the rest of the day without have moist and smelly feet.

5. Pearl Izumi X Alp Summit

Last but not least, these shoes are perfect for the long summer rides. My feet tend to become numb after a certain amount of time in tight shoes, these ones stay comfortable even on the longest rides.


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