A new Era : Furry boots are out

« You’re good for a girl ! », « You’ll be the only girl », « I don’t think you will be able to follow ». This sexist, exclusive era is over as groups are being created to let women connect in the sports industry ! One group in the lot is standing out, as it is expanding in all North America. Indeed, Womb Tang Clan, has been welcoming ladies to connect with each other, share their knowledge and affirm their femininity in a men ran sport: skiing ! They are « dedicated to creating an inclusive space for self-identifying females of all ability levels » (Womb Tang, 2021).

Meghan Fenton

Furry boots, skis lengths that don’t accommodate tall and strong girls, no high end is small sizes and different prices for men and women are all things that need to stop. Groups as Womb Tang will allow women to elevate their voice and be heard. With a touch of self mockery, Womb Tang approaches real issues in the sports industry. On and off the hill, the group works for inclusivity and building a crew that « any gender would want to be part of ».

Meghan Fenton

The concept is simple. Womb Tang uses different platforms to create a community that grows and « that will inspire the industry and its culture to change across North America ». From West to East, ladies can connect with each other to go ski on their local resort together, to get advices or to get information on gear ! Womb Tang invites girls from all levels to share their knowledge and passion.

Find your local Womb Tang group here !

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