The bike that you were all waiting for. Climbs as well as it goes down, a perfect mix between stability and nervousness. It’s the bike that does everything and does it well. The Norco Sight is perfect to conquer the trails that Quebec has to offer. Whether you’re going up or down, technical or easy, in leisure or in competition, you will find your way with Norco Sight.

This all-mountain bike offers a pleasant climbing experience, thanks to the ART suspension system, which reduces the loss of efficiency in pedaling. With a wheelbase and chainstay slightly shorter than the average bike in its class, the nervousness is perfectly mixed with stability and it is partly due to the quad angle of the bike. Although climbing is its weak point, the mixture of all it’s aspects allows it to still be effective in difficult climbs.

Its travel of 150mm at the front and 140mm at the rear (27.5) makes the bike goes everywhere on the downhill. Again, the fork’s angle is responsible for its performance. Its angle allows it to easily pass obstacles while easily keeping control of the bike during descents.

Don’t be wrong, this is not an enduro bike. Norco has a great enduro bike: the Range. The Sight will allow you to have fun in the descents without being a bike to destroy everything.

It is available in 29 inches, 27.5 and in women’s specific. There are several models in carbon and aluminum available, making the Sight accessible to all types of riders and all types of budgets. You can even customizeyour own bike with the components that fit you best. Whether it is to rock the Sentiers du Moulin’s trails, the Panoramique’s or Bromont’s trails, a Sight is waiting for you at one of the Norco retailers near you.