There are a lot of places in the world to see, things to do and stuff to discover. Iceland is clearly one of them, so here are 13 reasons why Iceland should be your next destination.

  1. The breath taking landscapes
    Yes, you might have seen huge mountains in Alberta, hot springs in Yellowstone, big cliffs in San Diego, black sand beaches in Costa Rica, but I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen all those in a day. Iceland lets you. I’m certain that either the cliffs next to the sea or the clear blue water of the lakes will leave you amazed.
  2. Because it’s easy
    Iceland is a pretty easy country to visit. You don’t need a visa, plane tickets are pretty cheap. You also can’t get lost because of the single road that’s crossing the country. Most of the locals speak english so it’s easy to get around and it’s really safe to travel all by yourself.
  3. There is sunlight 24/7
    If you go to Iceland between May and August, you’ll have the chance to experience the 24h sunlight. It can be weird at times because you kind of never feel tired, but it gives you the chance to enjoy your day at the fullest because even though it’s 10 o’clock in the evening, it feels like it’s 2 in the afternoon.
  4. The endless cycles of sunsets and sunrises. (Between May and August)
    It gives you the feeling that the sun sets, but never really does. It stays really low for a very long time without ever disappearing and starts rising 2-3 hours later.
  5. Because it’s an adventure itself
    Yes, of course you can travel Iceland with your suitcase, your high-heels and your scarf. Of course you can travel Iceland without getting dirty, but it’ll never be the full experience of what Iceland can give you. Traveling Iceland with your backpack and your running shoes takes you out of your comfort zone and let’s you discover so many things that you would never have discovered if you had stayed in the paved roads and obvious tracks.
  6. You can see the Atlantic ocean, the Norwegian sea and the Greenland sea all in one day.
    It takes some determination to see the three seas in one day but it’s totally worth it and lets you see a lot of other nice things at the same time. Also, I’m pretty sure there is not a lot of places in the world where you can do such a thing.
  7. The beauty of the country
    It’s hard to get amazed by stuff because we see so much. If you ever come to Iceland and you leave bored, I wonder what is your life about and why are your reasons for existing, because I’ve seen places, but never as beautiful as Iceland.
  8. Because you are going to be with yourself for a while
    We are so used to be surrounded by a lot of people and things and messages and stress, but Iceland is so detached from all of these. You can live many days without internet connection or/and crossing a single person. You could literally travel the whole country without a map, just by reading the signs.
  9. Iceland is a happy country
    It’s stressless. The locals aren’t stressed, the tourists aren’t stressed, everybody is just amazed by nature and everyone is here for the same purpose; discover. Don’t be afraid to ask locals for things you want to know.
  10. Because the Quality is worth it
    Apart from the plane ticket, there is not much things that are not expensive in Iceland. Yes, sometimes you pay too much for stuff and you feel like the country is laughing at you, but most of the time, you pay for quality and you get what you pay for. If you pay 50$ for a salad in a bistro, believe me, it’s going to be the best damn salad you’ll ever eat in your life.
  11. Because it is on your way to Europe
    I can understand that going to a country where it’s less than 10 degrees outside in June is not your first choice for your summer vacation, but since it’s already on your way to Europe, you might as well make a stop and enjoy the endless landscapes. (Iceland Air lets you make a stopover for no additional fees when you are going to Europe).
  12. Because of the Northern lights
    They alone are an experience. I would recommend you to go everywhere there are Northern lights, but they are mostly in Iceland and in North Canada and there is a lotttttt more to see in Iceland than in the North part of Canada.
  13. Finally because traveling makes you grow inside
    No matter where you go or for what reason, traveling gives you experience and makes you see and discover new cultures. It lets you open your eyes to the world and grow all aspects of your personality, so while you’re at it, why don’t you go see the most beautiful place in the world ?